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1. jehovah reigns, he is clothed with majesty; jehovah is clothed with strength; he has girded himself; therefore the world is established, it cannot be moved.

2. Your throne has been established from of old; You are from eternity!

3. The rivers lift up, the rivers lift up their voice. O jehovah! the rivers lift up their roaring.

4. jehovah on high is mightier than the voices of many mighty waters, than the breakers of the sea!

5. Your testimonies are very sure; holiness becomes your house, O jehovah, for ever!

The Internal Sense

That by the union of the Divine essence with the Human in the lord, heaven and the church will endure for ever, verses 1, 2; the joy of those who are in divine truths from there, verses 3, 4; the Word established in the church, verse 5.


Verses 15. These words also relate to the lord; his dominion from eternity to eternity over heaven and earth, is signified by his throne being established from of old; you are from eternity; the glorification of the lord by reason of his coming, and the consequent salvation of the human race, is signified by the rivers lifting up their voice and their roaring; by the rivers here mentioned three times are signified all things relating to intelligence in the internal man, and all things which are in the external man; divine truth from him, by which there is power, and by which there is salvation, is signified by the voices of many waters being mightier than the breakers of the sea; waters are truths; the voices of many waters are divine truths. AE 518.

These words relate to the lord about to come into the world, and since he has glory and power from the Human principle, which he united to his Divine, it is said that he is clothed in majesty and strength, and that he girds himself; for the lord assumed the Human principle, that he might be in the power of subduing the hells; the church which he was about to establish and to defend to eternity, is signified by the world which shall be established and shall not be moved, and by the throne which shall be made firm; for by world is signified heaven and the church, as to the reception of divine good, and by throne, heaven and the church as to the reception of divine truth. AE 741.

Verse 3. The rivers have lifted up, O jehovah, the rivers have lifted up their voice; the rivers lift up their roaring. That voice signifies annunciation, and, in a good sense, annunciation from the Word, which voice is called the voice of jehovah, is manifest from the passages in David, where it is mentioned, in which passages voice denotes divine truth; thus the Word, and annunciation from it. AC 6971.

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