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AC 460. This chapter treats specifically of the propagation of the Most Ancient Church through successive generations, almost to the flood.

AC 461. The Most Ancient Church itself, which was celestial, is what is called "Man (homo)," and a "likeness of God" (verse 1).

AC 462. A second church which was not so celestial as the Most Ancient Church, is called "Seth" (verses 2, 3).

AC 463. A third church was called "Enosh" (verse 6); a fourth "Kenan" (verse 9); a fifth "Mahalalel" (verse 12); a sixth " Jared" (verse 15); a seventh "Enoch" (verse 18); and an eighth church "Methuselah" (verse 21).

AC 464. The church called " is described as framing doctrine from what was revealed to and perceived by the Most Ancient Church, which doctrine, although of no use at that time, was preserved for the use of posterity. This is signified by its being said that "Enoch" was no more, because God took him" (verses 22, 23, 24).

AC 465. A ninth church was called "Lamech" (verse 25).

AC 466. A tenth, the parent of three churches after the flood, was named "Noah." This church is to be called the Ancient Church (verses 28, 29).

AC 467. "Lamech" is described as retaining nothing of the perception which the Most Ancient Church enjoyed; and "Noah" is described as a new church (verse 29).

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