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AC 3012. In the internal sense there is described the whole process of the conjunction of truth with good in the Lord‘s Divine rational; in this chapter, the process of initiation which precedes conjunction. "Isaac" is the good of the rational; "Rebekah" here is truth to be initiated into good; "Laban" is the affection of good in the natural man.

AC 3013. In the internal sense the process of initiation is the described: When the state was prepared, and all things had been reduced by the Lord into Divine celestial order, so that Divine truth might be conjoined with the Divine good of His rational, and this by the common way from the natural man, that is, from the memory-knowledges, knowledges, and doctrinal things therein, then by the Lord’s Divine influx truths were called forth thence; were initiated into good in the rational; and were made Divine. Thus was the rational made Divine by the Lord in respect to truth as well as in respect to good.

AC 3014. From this chapter, and from those which follow, it may be seen what arcana are contained in the internal sense of the Word.

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