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AC 1535. This chapter treats of the external man in the Lord which was to be conjoined with His internal man. The external man is the Human Essence, the internal is the Divine essence. The former is here represented by Lot, but the latter by Abram.

AC 1536. There is here described the state of the external man such as it was in childhood, when first imbued with knowledges (scientifica et cognitiones)--that it thence advanced more and more to conjunction with the internal man (verses 1 to 4).

AC 1537. But that there were still many things in His external man that impeded the conjunction (verses 5 to 7); from which, however, He desired to be separated (verses 8, 9).

AC 1538. That the external man appeared to the Lord such as it is in its beauty when conjoined with the internal; and also such as it is when not conjoined (verses 10 to 13).)

AC 1539. A promise that when the external man was conjoined with the internal, that is, when the Lord‘s Human Essence "as conjoined with His Divine Essence, all power and authority (potestas) should be given to Him (verses 14 to 17). Concerning the Lord’s interior perception (verse 18).

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