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AC 6939. There is a continuation in this chapter in the internal sense with respect to the liberation of those who are of the spiritual church. First, their state is described, namely, that if they had not hope and faith, falsities and evils, and also things profane would drag them down: these are the things signified by the three signs.

AC 6940. Afterward the law Divine is treated of, that truth was adjoined to its good; and that thus good had the power to liberate, and to insinuate hope and faith. Moses represents the law Divine as to good, and Aaron as to truth.

AC 6941. Lastly that people is treated of, in that they only represented the spiritual church; and not that this church could be instituted among them, because they were in externals without internals. This is signified by Zipporah‘s circumcision of her son, and by the blood wherewith his feet were stained.

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