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AC 8742. Everyone has an internal man and an external man; the internal man is what is called the spiritual man, and the external man is what is called the natural man. Both must be regenerated for the man to be regenerated.

AC 8743. With the man who has not been regenerated the external or natural man commands, and the internal or spiritual man serves; but with the man who has been regenerated the internal or spiritual man commands, and the external or natural serves. This inversion cannot possibly exist except through regeneration by the Lord.

AC 8744. So long as the external man has not been regenerated, be makes all good consist in pleasure, in gain, in pride, and burns with hatred and revenge against those who set themselves in opposition; and then the internal man not only consents, but also supplies reasons which confirm and promote: thus the internal man serves and the external commands.

AC 8745. But when the external man has been regenerated, the internal man makes all good consist in thinking well of the neighbor and willing well to him, and the external man makes all good consist in speaking well of him and acting well toward him; and at last each has as its end to love the neighbor and to love the Lord, and not as before to love self and to love the world. In this case the external or natural man serves, and the internal or spiritual man commands.

AC 8746. The internal man is first regenerated by the Lord, and afterward the external man, and the latter by means of the former. The internal man is regenerated by thinking those things which are of faith, and willing them; but the external man by a life according to them. The life of faith is charity.

AC 8747. The man who has been regenerated is in heaven as to his internal man, and is an angel there with angels, among whom also he comes after death. He can then live the life of heaven, love the Lord, love the neighbor, understand truth, relish good, and perceive blessedness therefrom. These things are the happiness of eternal life.


AC 8846. There are also spirits among those from the earth Jupiter whom they call "chimney-sweepers," because they appear like these in dress and also in face. They are among those who rebuke the men of their earth, and afterward instruct them (n. 7801-7812). To what such bear relation in the Grand Man, and of what quality they are, may be been from the description of them above (n. 5056), which may here be transcribed.

AC 8847. A certain spirit from another earth was with me (he was from the earth Jupiter) who earnestly begged me to intercede for him, that he might come into heaven. He said that he was not aware of having done what is evil, except that he had rebuked the inhabitants of that earth; adding that after he had rebuked, he instructed them. He applied himself to my left side under the elbow, and talked with as it were a broken voice, and he could move one to pity. But I could only reply that I could give him no help, and that this is of the Lord alone; and that I could not intercede, because I did not know whether it would be useful or not, but that if worthy he might hope. He was then sent back among the upright spirits from his own earth; but these said that he could not be in their company, because he was not such as they. Yet because with intense longing he importuned to be let into heaven, he was sent into a society of upright spirits of this earth; but they also said that he could not be with them. In the light of heaven he was of a black color, but he himself said that he was not of a black, but of a murrhine color. I was told that they are such in the beginning who are afterward received among those who constitute the province of the seminal vesicles; for in these vesicles the semen is collected and clothed around with a suitable material, fitted for preserving it from being dissipated, and which can be put off in the neck of the womb, that so what has been preserved within may serve for conception, that is, for the impregnation of the ovulum. Hence also there is in this seminal matter an endeavor, and as it were a burning desire, to put itself off and leave the semen to perform its use. Something similar showed itself in this spirit. He came again to me, but in mean clothing, and again said that he was burning to come into heaven, and that he now perceived that he was fit for it; but I was given to tell him that perhaps this was an indication that he would soon be received. He was then told by the angels to cast off his garment, and in his longing he cast it off so quickly that scarcely anything could be quicker. By this was represented the nature of the ardent desires of those who are in the province to which the seminal vesicles correspond.

AC 8848. It was said that when such have been prepared for heaven, they are stripped of their garments, and are clothed in new shining ones, and become angels. These the angels likened to caterpillars, which having passed through their low estate, are changed into chrysalides, and thus into butterflies, to which is then given other clothing and likewise wings of blue, yellow, silver, or gold, and at the same time liberty to fly in the air in their heaven, and to engage in marriages and lay eggs and thus provide for the propagation of their kind, sweet and pleasant food being also provided for them from the juices and odors of various flowers.

AC 8849. One of the spirits from that earth came to me, saying that he was seeking the One Only Lord, and that he longed to come into heaven; but that he could not, because in the life of the hotly he had done evil. He was asked what evil. He said that he had taken from a companion something which was of little value and which he supposed his companion was going to give him, and that this lay heavy on his conscience. From this it was evident what kind of a life they live on that earth, and that it torments them if they do evil to anyone; however slight; for he had brought that thought with him from his earth.

AC 8850. I was shown a bald head, but only its highest part, which was bony; and I was told that such an appearance is seen by those who are to die within a year, and that they then prepare themselves. On that earth they do not fear death, except on account of leaving their consort, their children, or their parents; for they know that they will live after death, and that they do not go out of life, because they go into heaven; and therefore they do not speak of dying, but of being heaven-made. Those who on that earth have lived happy in conjugial love, and have taken care of their children as it becomes parents to do, do not die by diseases, but tranquilly, as in sleep, and thus migrate from the world into heaven.

AC 8851. The age to which the inhabitants live is for the most part thirty years, according to the years of our earth. They who live beyond this age are said to be unteachable, and therefore the chastising and instructing spirits do not come to them. The reason why they die within so brief a space of time is or the providence of the Lord, lest their numbers should increase beyond what that earth is capable of supporting. They also come to maturity more quickly there than on this earth. They marry in the first flower of youth, and their delights then are to love their consort and take care of their children. Other delights they indeed call delights, but relatively external.

AC 8852. At the end of the following chapter an account will be given of the spirits and inhabitants of the planet Saturn.

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