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AC 6627. Prefatory to the chapters of the Book of Exodus are to be Doctrinal things; first, Doctrinal things of Charity; afterward, Doctrinal things of Faith; in order that what has been delivered in the Explications in a scattered form may be set forth in a connected one; and that in this way the Doctrine may appear in its order, such as is and ought to be the Doctrine of the church that it may agree with the good and truth in heaven.

AC 6628. In the preceding Explications it has been shown, as occasion offered, that the Doctrine of Charity was the doctrine in the Ancient Churches, and that this doctrine conjoined all the churches, and so made one out of many; for they acknowledged as men of the church all who lived in the good of charity, and called them brethren, however greatly they might be at variance in the truths which at this day are called the truths of faith. In these one instructed another, and this was among their works of charity; nor were they indignant if one did not accede to the opinion of another, knowing that everyone receives truth in proportion as he is in good.

AC 6629. Such being the character of the Ancient Churches, they were more interior men, and being more interior they were more wise; for those who are in the good of love and of charity are as to the internal man in heaven, and in an angelic society there which is in like good. From this they have an elevation of mind to interior things, and consequently to the things of wisdom; for wisdom can come from no other source than heaven, that is, through heaven from the Lord; and in heaven there is wisdom, because there they are in good.

AC 6630. But in course of time this ancient wisdom decreased; for in so far as the human race removed itself from the good of love to the Lord and of charity toward the neighbor, so far it also removed itself from wisdom, because so far it removed itself from heaven. From this it is that man from internal became external, and this successively.

AC 6631. And when man became external, he also became worldly and corporeal; and when he is of this character he no longer cares for the things of heaven; for they have been so far removed as not to be believed to exist; because the delights of earthly loves, and with these all evils which from these loves are delightful to him, then take complete possession of the whole man; and then all that he hears about the life after death, about heaven, and about hell, is like chaff in the wind, which flies away as fast as it is seen.

AC 6632. From this also it is that the Doctrine of Charity, which was so precious among the ancients, is at this day one of the lost things; for who at this day knows what in the genuine sense charity is, and what in the genuine sense the neighbor is? when yet this doctrine abounds in arcana so many and so great that it cannot be described as to a thousandth part. The whole Sacred Scripture is nothing else than the doctrine of love and of charity, as the Lord also teaches, saying,

"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God from all thy heart, and in all thy soul, and in all thy mind; this is the first and great commandment: the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself; on these two commandments hang the law and the prophets" (Matt. 22:37-40).

"The law and the prophets" are the Word in all and each of its parts.

AC 6633. As the doctrine of charity is at this day one of the lost things, and as the doctrine of faith is consequently much alienated from the truth, this doctrine may of the Lord‘s Divine mercy be delivered before the several chapters of the Book of Exodus, and thus be restored to the church.


AC 6695. As of the Lord’s Divine mercy the interiors of my spirit have been opened, and it has thus been granted me to speak with those who are in the other life, not only with those from this earth, but also with those from other earths, therefore, as it was my desire to know about these latter, and as the things that have been given me to know are worthy of mention, I may relate them at the end of the following chapters. I have not spoken with the inhabitants themselves of these earths, but with the spirits and angels who had been inhabitants of them; and this not merely for a day or a week, but for some months, with open instruction from heaven as to whence they were. That there are many earths, and men upon them, and spirits and angels from them, is very well known in the other life, for everyone who so desires is allowed to speak with them.

AC 6696. There are spirits who in the Grand Man bear relation to the memory, and they are from the planet Mercury. They are allowed to wander about, and to acquire knowledges of things that are in the universe; and they are also allowed to pass out of this solar system into others. They have said that there are earths, with men upon them, not only in this system, but also in the universe, in immense numbers.

AC 6697. I have sometimes spoken about this with spirits, and it was said that a man of good understanding can know from many things that there are many earths with inhabitants upon them; for he can conclude from reason that masses of such size as the planets, some of which surpass this earth in magnitude, are not empty masses, created only to course about the sun, and give light to one earth; but that their use must be of greater eminence than this. He who believes, as everyone ought to believe, that the Divine created the universe for no other end than that the human race may arise, and a heaven therefrom (for the human race is the nursery of heaven), cannot but believe that there are men wherever there is any earth. That the planets which are visible to our eyes, being within the boundaries of this solar system, are earths, may be clearly known from the fact that they are bodies of earthy material, because they reflect the sun‘s light; also that they, like our earth, revolve around the sun, and thereby make years and seasons of the year--spring, summer, autumn, and winter,--with variation according to climate; and likewise that they revolve upon their own axes like our earth, and thereby make days and times of the day-morning, noon, evening, and night; and moreover that some of them have moons, which are called satellites and resolve about their respective earths in stated times, as the moon does about our earth; and that the planet Saturn, because very far from the sun, has also a great lunar belt, which gives much light to that earth, though reflected. How can anyone who knows these facts and thinks from reason, say that these are empty bodies!

AC 6698. Moreover I have said with spirits that men can believe that there are more earths in the universe than one, from the fact that the visible universe, resplendent with countless stars, is so immense, and yet is only a means to the ultimate end of creation, which is a heavenly kingdom, in which the Divine can dwell. For the visible universe is a means for the existence of earths, and of men upon them, from whom is the heavenly kingdom. Who can ever think that so vast a means exists for so small and limited an end as there would be if only one earth were inhabited, and from it alone existed heaven! What would this be for the Divine, which is infinite, and to which a thousand, nay, myriads of earths, and all of them full of inhabitants, would be little, and scarcely anything! Moreover the angelic heaven is so immense that it corresponds to every single thing in man, and tens of thousands of its inhabitants to each member, organ, and viscus; and it has been granted to know that heaven, in respect to all its correspondences, can in no wise exist except from the inhabitants of a host of earths.

AC 6699. I have sometimes seen as it were a great continuous stream, at a considerable distance to the right, in the plane of the sole of the foot; and it was said by angels that they who come from the worlds come that way, and that they appear as a stream by reason of their multitude. From the size and rapidity of the stream I could judge that some myriads of men flow to it daily. From this also it has been given me to know that the earths are very numerous.

AC 6700. As regards the Divine worship of the inhabitants of other earths, all who are not idolaters acknowledge the Lord as the only God. They do not indeed know, except a very few, that the Lord assumed the Human in this earth and made it Divine; but they adore the Divine not as a Divine altogether incomprehensible, but as comprehensible through the human form; for when the Divine appears to them it appears in this form, as it also formerly appeared to Abraham and others on this earth; and because they adore the Divine under a human form, they adore the Lord. They also know that no one can be conjoined with the Divine in faith and love unless the Divine is in a form which they comprehend with some idea; if not in a form the idea would be dissipated, like sight in the universe. then told by the spirits of our earth that the Lord took upon Himself the Human in this earth, they mused a while, and presently said that this was done for the sake of the salvation of the human race; and that they adore with most holy worship the Divine which shines as the sun in heaven, and when it appears, presents itself to view in the human form. That the Lord appears as a sun in the other life. and that thence comes all the light of heaven, see (n. 1053, 1521, 1529, 1530, 1531, 3636, 3643, 4060, 4321, 5097); but on this subject more will be specifically related hereafter.

AC 6701. The spirits and angels who are from other earths, are all separate from one another, in accordance with the earths, and do not appear together in one place. The reason is that the inhabitants of one earth are of a totally different genius from those of another; nor are they associated together in the heavens, except in the inmost or third heaven. Those who come thither are together from every earth, and constitute that heaven in closest conjunction.

AC 6702. At the end of the following chapter I shall tell about the spirits of the planet Mercury.

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