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 The man who went into another country

The Lord's parable about the man who went into another country, and delivered to his servants according to their abilities, to one five talents, to another two, and to a third one:--

And he that had received the five talents traded with them, and gained other five talents; and likewise he that had received two gained other two; but he that had received one hid his lord's silver in the earth (Matt. 25:14);

one who does not think beyond the literal sense cannot know but that the very numbers, five, two, and one, were taken simply for composing the story of the parable, and that they involve nothing further, whereas there is a secret in these numbers themselves; for by the servant who received five talents are signified those who have admitted goods and truths from the Lord, thus who have received remains; by him who received two are signified those who have joined charity to faith when well on in years; and by him who received one, those who have received faith alone without charity. Of the last it is said that he hid his lord's silver in the earth; for by the silver he had is signified in the internal sense the truth that is of faith (AC 1551, 2954) and faith without charity cannot make gain or bear fruit. Such are the things in these numbers.

from AC 5291

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