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Jesus Lives! - The Lord God Jesus Christ: Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer of Heaven and Earth

Contrasting Beliefs
Old and New Truth
Religion consists of
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Old and New Truths

Old 'Truth' 'New' Truth more detail
Trinity of Three Persons A trinity of Love, Wisdom and Action within the Lord God, after crucifixion. TCR 163
Descent of the Son of God to Bethlehem. Jesus was a human born with God as his soul, and his life progressively reunited his Human with his Divine. Afterward the crucifixion, Jesus is God. TCR 81
Love and Wisdom are from God All true knowledge and good acts are from God. TCR 36
The Wrath of God God is pure Love and Mercy: no Wrath! He appears angry to those who resist him because of His love and restraints. TCR 256
The Power of God God has all power. This is not arbitrary power, but is from Love and Wisdom. There is no power apart from Love and Wisdom. TCR 49
The Father talking with the Son (and v.v.) There is no God in heaven apart from the Lord Jesus.  
Jesus died to save all those who have faith in him.


TCR 337
The Lord was sent by the Father to make an atonement for the human race, and that this was effected by His fulfilling the law, and by the passion of the cross; and that in this way He took away condemnation, and made satisfaction; and that without this expiation, satisfaction, and propitiation, the human race would have perished in eternal death, and this on account of justice which by some is called vengeful justice. Divine attributes are justice, love, mercy, and good; and God is justice itself, love itself, mercy itself, and good itself; and where these are, there is not anything of vengeance, and therefore no vengeful justice. 'The Lord', ch. 5

and TCR ch. 11

On the cross, Christ was made into Sin false: his human was then made Divine! TCR 128
Salvation by the Blood of Christ Salvation by the Love of Christ TCR 132, TCR 706
Salvation by the Wounds of Christ The crucifixion was the final step in preparing the means of salvation. TCR 126, TCR 132
Salvation by Faith (alone) Salvation by Faith in the truth when united with a life of Charity TCR 355
Washed of our sins After repentance, sins are moved to the 'periphery' of our spirit, and are never completely destroyed. TCR 611
Intercession by the Son before the Father They are (now) One Person! TCR 90
Saved not by anything of Merit We are saved when we cooperate with grace with our understanding and life. TCR 439
Vicarious Atonement We are only ever judged for our own sins. TCR 643
Immediate Salvation by complete sacrifice Salvation begins with some repentance, but is never complete even to eternity in heaven.
The Church
Baptism as prerequisite for salvation Indication of introduction to the Church TCR ch. 12
Accepted as I am Loved as I am; permanently accepted when I live the truth.  
Repentance as accepting Christ Repentance is the ongoing use of Truth to fight temptation, as if from ourselves. TCR 510
Assurance of Salvation There is no 100% assurance while on earth: even the mighty can fall during temptations. TCR 382
Spiritual Armour Truth is our weapon. TCR 596
Do not look at your inward problems Reflection on our internal desires is necessary for choice during temptations. TCR 525
Miracles should be expected as in the beginning We are now expected to respond internally to love and wisdom, and should not be compelled externally by spectacular miracles. TCR 501
We are predestined for Heaven or for Hell God wills us all to Heaven, but we do not all cooperate. TCR 486
Heaven, Hell and Life after Death
Angels All heaven is from humans on earth(s) HH 35
Life in Heaven: to Praise God Activity in Heaven is to be useful: not just singing and praising. HH 41
Life in Heaven: to Bless God We are blessed by God, not vice versa. TCR 43