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Divine Blessings:

The Poor

'Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven'.

at first this is difficult to understand, and it is quite opposed to the world's view of blessings. What does it mean ?

To be blessed means to be happy, to be poor means to be in need, and 'in spirit' refers to the life that is within us. The Kingdom of Heaven is the state of life here and hereafter, where the Lord's kingship is acknowledged.

The spiritually poor know they have no good feelings of their own, and no truth either. They know they can do nothing without the Lord; and when they pray they say from their hearts 'Thy will be done': thus the kingdom of heaven is theirs. On the other hand, those who are rich in themselves, are full; like the inn at Bethlehem they have no room for the Lord or His Kingdom. The way is blocked by self-satisfaction, the love of importance and distinction.

Happiness is what we all seek, and this teaching of Jesus is the first step to its attainment. It is so because there is no deep lasting happiness except from Him, and nothing can induce us to go to Him but our feeling of utter need. The prodigal 'came to himself when he realised he was completely destitute, and not till then was he able to enjoy His father's love: Read Luke chapter 15.

The blessing is in having the kingdom of heaven; it is not said that we go to it but rather that it becomes ours; which means that we come under the government of the Lord's love and wisdom.

It is by acknowledging, that of ourselves, we are poor in spirit, we are able to receive the blessing: then we are rich, not in ourselves but in the Lord.


'Bow down thine ear, O Lord, hear me: for I am poor and needy' (Psalm 86, 1).

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