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Divine Blessings:


'And when Jesus was set, his disciples came unto him: and he opened his mouth and taught them'.

jesus sitting on the mountain represents a settled state: the state of His changeless love.

When we have some love for Him it lifts us up above merely selfish things and forms a mountain in our minds where He can rest.

The disciples represent those who want to be led by the Lord, not by themselves. This being so they come to Jesus to listen to His words.

In our minds the disciples are the few affections for His teachings which listen to Him. To do this they lift their eyes up to learn from Him. The more they learn the more they want to follow. Then the better they follow, the better they can help the crowds of feelings and thoughts that fill our worldly life.

In another picture all the truths we learn from the Lord's Word are disciples of Jesus. They all belong to Him and tell of His wonders. They are spiritual mirrors reflecting His love and witnessing for Him.

Long ago Jesus sent His disciples into all the world to preach the gospel to every creature; to-day He sends our few affections for His truth into every part to speak for Him. We are each of us little worlds much like the pattern of the great world without, and into every part of this world of our souls the teaching of Jesus must be proclaimed.

There are many sick and troubled affections, and many doubting anxious thoughts in the world of our minds; and to all of these the Lord sends His message of love, healing, and teaching. All the truths we learn from Him, He teaches us on the holy hills of His Word, and prepares them to be His disciples within us.


'O Lord, send out thy light and thy truth; and let them bring me to thy holy hill' (Psalm 43, 3).

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