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The True Meaning of the 7 Days of Creation: Spiritual Rebirth

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The Second Day of Rebirth

On the second day, everything begins to get cleared up. We were kind of confused about this "spiritual" thing before. But now the Bible tells us that God created an expanse, or a "firmament" in the heavens, to divide the waters from the waters. There would be the waters above the firmament, which are the clouds, and the waters below the firmament, which are all the waters on the earth.

Here we begin to realize that there is a spiritual truth that is higher than all this material knowledge that I have. Maybe I'm good at building things; maybe I'm good at figures; maybe I'm good at preparing meals; maybe I'm good at raising children. There are all different things we can be good at on this material plane. The second day of creation is when we realize that there are higher things. There is a higher truth, and it has everything to do with how we care for one another; how we understand each other; how we respect each other; how we love God; and how we show God's love to each other. These are the higher truths that we need to distinguish from just being able to get along in this world.

We do need to be able to get along in this world; that's very important. But as we begin to follow a spiritual path, we realize there are also higher truths that we need to follow--truths that relate to God and to heaven and to our relationships with each other. This is the second day: distinguishing the waters above the expanse--the spiritual truths--from the waters below the expanse--all the material, worldly truths that we need to get along in this world. "And there was evening, and there was morning, the second day."

From:  Creation: Rebirth of the Spirit by the Rev. Lee Woofenden
Bridgewater, Massachusetts, September 17, 2000

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