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The Reign of Saul
0: Israel Desires A King.
1: Saul In Search Of The Asses
2: Samuel Entertains Saul
3: Saul Anointed King
4: Saul Defeats The Ammonites
5: Samuel's Admonition To Israel
6: Saul Usurping The Prophet's Office
7: Rout of the Philistine Host
8: Saul Sent to Destroy Amalek.
9: Samuel Anoints David King Of Israel.
10: David's Victory Over Goliath,
11: The Friendship of Jonathan and David.
12: Michal Saves David
13: David's Flight And Jonathan's Aid.
14: David's Flight into Philistia
15: David in the Cave of Adullam
16: David Relieves Keilah
17: David Spares Saul
18: Prudence of Abigail
19: David Penetrates Saul's Camp
20: David Escapes into Philistia
21: Saul And The Witch Of Endor
22: Preparation for Battle
23: Death of Saul

The Reign of David
1: Reign Of David
2: Death Of Saul
3: Lamentation over Saul and Jonathan
4: David Anointed King
5: Death of Abner
6: Death of Ish-bosheth
7: David King over Israel
8: David takes the Stronghold of Zion
9: Ark of God Brought into the Holy City
10: A House for the Ark Forbidden
11: The Conquered Nations
12: David Cherishes Jonathan's Son.
13: Hanun's Insult to David
14: David's Great Sin
15: God's Message and Nathan's Parable.
16: Amnon and Tamar.
17: The Widow of Tekoah's Parable and Absalom's Return.
18: The Rebellion of Absalom
19: David's Flight.
20: Death of Absalom
21: David's Return to Jerusalem
22: The Revolt of Israel under Sheba
23: Sons of Saul
24: David's Song of Thanksgiving
25: Last Words of David
26: David's Mighty Men
27: David Numbers the People
28: Jerusalem Spared
29: Abishag Nourishes David.
30: Adonijah's Rebellion

The Reign of Solomon
1: Solomon Anointed King
2: David's Dying Charge
3: Solomon's Choice
4: Solomon's Wise Judgment.
5: Security under Solomon's Reign
6: Buildng the Temple
7: Solomon's Temple
8: Solomon's Houses
9: Vessels made by Hiram
10: Dedication of the Temple
11: Solomon's Second Offerings
12: Cabul
13: Solomon's Cities
14: Solomon's Fame
15: Solomon's Throne
16: Solomon's Navy
17: Solomon's Army
18: Solomon's Idolatry
19: Solomon's Adversaries.
20: The Death and Burial of Solomon
21: Revolt of the Ten Tribes
22: Two Kingdoms of Judah And Israel

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